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North London Television Group

I'm sorry that it's been such a long time before any bulletin has been issued regarding the progress on the ATV repeater project for North London.

Although you haven't heard anything, there has been considerable effort spent by the committee in getting the formal application completed.

It was finally sent off to the RSGB on 26 September and alredy we have had a couple of questions and suggestions for minor changes - so we know that they have got it!

As far as you, the potential users, are concerned things will stay quiet while the vetting process takes place, however, to spice things up a bit the group hope to get some equipment up to the site for some tests hopefully by the end of October, if not, then during November.

Site tests do present some problems as most ATV'ers are only active during evenings when access to the site is more difficult. However, we are hoping to perform several evening tests with a vaiety of transmitter powers and antennas.

I will keep you informed of dates and times of tests via this BBS, also we'll write to all paid-up NLTG members with similar details.

If anyone wishes to join the group please send (at least) £1 to:-

John Douglas G4DVG
NLTG Secretary
367 Station Mansions
Wightman Road
London N8 0NA

Please include your full address and if licenced, your callsign.

Every new member demonstrates an increased requirement for the repeater and will also ensure that you are kept up-to-date on the status of the project by 'snail' mail.

The committee consists of:-
Myself, Roger Glover G8IUCChairman/Site Manager
John Douglas G4DVGSecretary/Treasurer
Adrian Hurt G0OJYTechnical Representative
Les Ratcliff G4GYPCheshunt Club Liaison

Well, I think that's about it for now. If you have any questions regarding the project please sp. or E-mail me.


G8IUC @ GB7TUT QTH London. E4 7DX. UK.

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