On August 16th 2002 Duncan Rossiter (G7VVF) took his 23cm tv gear out in his car accompanied and helped by Norman Pickworth (M3MNP) and attempted to transmit into GB3EN repeater from various outdoor locations.  
The equipment consisted of 2 homebrew helical aerials, homebrew 23cm receiver, Solent 23cm transmitter, a battery powered 5" b/w television, a paper testcard/callsign and a 2m handheld transceiver.  Full duplex transmission via GB3EN was achieved.

Here you can watch some video of the activity recorded via GB3EN, you will need Windows Media Player to view it.

Watch Video 225kbps Broadband 

Watch Video 34kbps Dial-up 

Here are some pictures the equipment, click on the thumbnails to see the full size pictures:-